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The company

The Materazzi Ricami company, situated in the city of Cortona (Arezzo), is a family run business based on the age-long experience of its founders Alberto and Fabiola, who were later joined by their children Leonardo, Andrea and Giulia. Our work ethic, our passion for embroidery, as well as the organisational and technical know-how and craftsmanship we have acquired over numerous years of work in the sector are the foundations on which our company is built.

Like the majority of small and medium Italian enterprises situated in central-northern Italy, Materazzi Ricami is an elastic, versatile, and highly competitive company capable of specializing in new products through its learning-by-doing approach, which consists in a continuous series of small innovations that modify and improve the manufacturing processes.

Along with the necessary technological innovations – mainly the use of modern Japanese equipment from the Tajima company, a leader in the field of embroidery machines, and the use of the best punch needle embroidery programmes − our production process and our competitiveness are based on what is known as soft innovation. Our use of different materials and our continuous quest for new processing techniques very often make for the creation of original artisanal products that are always different.

To this we must add the knowledge, know-how, creativity, and manual skills that put Italian craftsmanship and small and medium enterprises − which are even today able to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world by creating fine-quality Made in Italy products − at the forefront of national production.

Years of experience
Founded in


The CCIAA Premio Fedeltà al Lavoro, Arezzo 2023, in the “Digital Innovation” category
On 25 July 2023 at the Fortezza Medicea in Arezzo, in the presence of the city's authorities and the representatives of the business associations of the province of Arezzo, the…
SOFTWARE 4.0, increased machine/ software integration
In culmination of our recent 4.0 investments, in March 2023 we installed Tajima Pulse ID software. The use of this system has allowed us to connect all our embroidery machines…
We have purchased our first printer!
We are always on the lookout for new products or effects to offer our clients. It is for this reason that in March 2023, we decided to purchase a DTF…